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About Mutiny Recordings.

Mutiny Recordings is a boutique music licensing company that delivers a dynamic range of sound for today’s content. With a multi-genre catalog inclusive of vintage spanning as far back as the 1950s through platinum selling artists of today, we are curators of classic artists, contemporary and retro sounds, and sounds that are impacting the world of music licensing, brand partnerships, and beyond. Founded in 2017 by Ryan Gaines who has more than 20 years of experience in production, music supervision, and licensing; Mutiny Recordings is his solo effort aiming to enhance the emotional arc of any form of visual media…one song at a time. Notable past placements are with most major networks and studios, and global brands such as Google, Apple, Motorola, Toyota, Subaru, KFC, Campbell’s Soup, Transition Lenses, and many more.

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Meet the founder.

Ryan Gaines has worked in the entertainment industry since 2001 in the fields of film development and production as well as music supervision and licensing. His supervision work started with Spring Aspers at Island Def Jam and grew into an in-house position at Walt Disney Studios (Disney, Touchstone, Miramax) spanning a variety of genres and formats from major motion picture releases to independent art-house films and documentaries. He now owns Mutiny Recordings, a vintage and retro rock catalog starting in the 1950s and growing through today. Previously a co-founder of Platform Music Group, which specialized in emerging artists of all genres, he gained notoriety after countless high profile placements in global and national commercial campaigns, acclaimed TV shows, films, and more. With Mutiny Recordings, Ryan focuses on uncovering gems of yesterday and shining a spotlight on real artists of today.