Home Town: Los Angeles, CA
Current Town: Salt Lake City, UT

Los Angeles & Utah based songwriting duo Bonhom is a pop project co-created by James Coleman & Diwon. The two artists compose some of the freshest genre-less gems which might be heard in scenes of shows on ‎Lifetime, ‎MTV, and ‎ABC. Their single, NYE, was remixed by over 35 countries in varying styles, and their debut album “Sex War” highlights what makes the music defy genres and labels as they blend elements of ‎folk, ‎pop, ‎hip hop, ‎edm, and ‎rock into the unmistakable sound of Bonhom. Their very first single, “Live for Now” includes a remix by Dubstep duo, Neutron, composed of Hollywood producers Laze & Royal. With Bonhom’s latest album, Love is War, which picks up where their first album, Sex War left off, the two defy genres and labels blending elements of folk, pop, hip hop, edm and rock into an unmistakable sound that is Bonhom. Bonhom blends pop, rock, and electronic elements to create innovative tracks ranging from their NYE with its slow build from a bass-driven atmospheric refrain into a massive rock hook to infectious party anthems. With a fantastic fusion of their musical talents, Coleman and Diwon produce the songs of which dreams are made.