Done Deal Mgmt

Home Town: Los Angeles, CA
Current Town: Los Angeles, CA

Grammy award winning producer and label executive, Rob Cavallo has officially launched his latest venture, Done Deal Management, with the goal of supporting both young musicians, producers and managers in every step of their music careers.

Aiming to help musical talents maximize their artistry as well as establish sustainable careers in the industry, Done Deal Management is dedicated to finding, encouraging and fostering creative expression in every way imaginable. From developing artists to establishing legacies, DDM offers A&R, day-to-day management, record release and distribution, social media strategy, marketing support and much more.

Rob Cavallo is known for his grammy-award winning production work with Green Day, as well as his work with artists such as Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, Eric Clapton, the Goo Goo Dolls, Dave Matthews Band, Alanis Morissette, Black Sabbath, Phil Collins and Paramore. Not only is Rob’s success in production and A&R the ‘stuff of legend’, Rob also brings to the table his label and record industry knowledge, previously holding the positions of Senior VP of A&R at Hollywood Records and the positions of CCO and chairman of Warner Music Group.