Jude Shuma

Home Town: Chicago, IL, USA

Life may be cold in Chicago, but Illinois-based indie rocker Jude Shuma keeps warm with creativity and ambition. Jude first discovered his passion for music in early adolescence, finding inspiration in the melodic yet simple songwriting of legendary acts like The Beatles and Nirvana. Armed with a Boss 8-track recorder, he began to write and capture his own ideas onto tape, a hobby that has since resulted in an impressive collection of over 100 dream-fueled songs.

Jude works alone out of his studio on the west side of Chicago, where he’s preparing new music that promises to thrill the ears and stretch the minds of listeners around the world. His style is infectious, flirting with both psychedelia and pop, and filled with whimsical washed-out melodies. Outgoing, persistent, and remarkably resilient, Jude is excited for the future, optimistic about returning to the stage and eager to continue pushing his artistic boundaries. As a young natural-born creative, he’s forged his own path through the indie rock music scene, sacrificing conventional comforts and tradition to take risks and experiment with sound. But with great risks come great rewards.