Norman Petty Studios

Home Town: Clovis, NM
Current Town: Clovis, NM

Norman Petty is recognized as an influential forefather of ‘50s rock & roll, but some don’t know he was a prolific songwriter, and that his own early group was a big success that launched his recording fame. 

Petty’s story is that of a songwriter; a creative, pioneering engineer/producer; and a good businessman getting his artists signed and promoting their songs as a music publisher. His master tape vault sat protected in ideal conditions for decades, when finally in 2016 the entire catalog was digitized. Synch licensing request for his recordings took off in 2019 and now the demand for Norman’s vintage productions has exploded. Regularly heard on commercials, TV shows, and movies, Norman Petty’s decades of well-crafted songs and great recordings are being enjoyed by the masses once again.