Web3 + NFTs

Mutiny Recordings is your partner for exploring the emerging Web3 universe.

As technology evolves, so do opportunities for artists to monetize music within new platforms such as Web3 and the blockchain. While sometimes viewed as the “wild west” due to the multitude of possibilities, Web3 provides artists endless new ways to participate: NFT distribution and monetization; Web3 brand partnerships and licensing deals; soundtracks and community exposure; and more.

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Queen Apes NFT Official Sound Track & Artist Revenue Share

The female-led Queen Apes NFT collection by Apocalyptic Apes (Bored Ape Yacht Club derivative) raised over $1.5M and sold out in three hours of public sale in March 2022. As part of the launch, 15 Queen Ape NFTs were revealed as special ‘one of one’ music NFTs paired with female empowerment songs by emerging Mutiny Recordings music artists.

The collection marked the world’s first official NFT soundtrack and introduced a shared profit model for streaming revenue between the special NFT holders and featured artists. Artists received exposure and cross promotion from the Queen Ape community who were incentivized to drive streaming numbers.